Law of Mother Earth - Bolivia


Right to life and to exist.
Right to be respected.
Right to continue her vital cycles and processes free from human alteration.
Right to maintain her identity and integrity as a self-regulating, interrelated and differentiated being.
Right to pure water as a source of life.
Right to clean air.
Right to a healthy environment.
Right to not be polluted and contaminated with toxic and radioactive waste.
Right to not have her cellular structure modified or be genetically altered.
This would threaten her vital and healthy
functioning and integrity.
Right to full and immediate restoration and decontamination due to human activity.
Right to be reforested.
Right to ensure the responsible and sustainable management of nature’s blessings.
Right to not be affected by mega infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and
the local inhabitant communities.


Guarantee the coexistence and preservation of life.
Restore, strengthen and revalue ancestral knowledge, values, sciences, technology, and principles to care for Mother
Earth from a perspective of cultural diversity.
Establish legal instruments and mechanisms for the prevention and sanction of crimes against Mother Earth.
Conserve, protect and defend protected areas, sacred areas, forests, and areas of ecological fragility. This shall be done
through public policies, plans, programmes and projects to apply the model of Living Well.
Guarantee and implement adequate public policies in harmony with nature. These policies shall respect and apply the
rules and procedures of native Bolivians to conserve the strategic blessings of nature such as: water, air, soil, subsoil,
forests, jungles, biodiversity, and all physical elements and forces that ensure the application of the model of Living Well.

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